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The House of Puente is an artisanal, luxury perfume house dedicated to the creation of unique, sophisticated fragrances made with the finest ingredients the world has to offer. Each fragrance is handcrafted with a focus on luxurious natural ingredients combined with full artistic expression to evoke sensual and captivating emotions. 

Our perfumes are made for those who value quality and unparalleled craftsmanship, seeking only the most unique and exclusive fragrances that reflect their discerning tastes.

Each scent is an ode to the art of perfumery and to the unmatched beauty of the natural ingredients they carry. Our fragrances are not just a scent, but an experience that leaves an unforgettable impression.

Eliam Puente, Perfumer

I’m a self taught perfumer with an affinity to natural ingredients. I believe natural ingredients are the most beautiful and move us in ways other materials can’t. They, on their own, are poetic masterpieces that teach us what true beauty can be.

After years of studying both natural and synthetic ingredients, it’s the naturals that I continuously gravitated towards and the materials I wanted to use most. That is why natural ingredients are not merely an add-on in a sea of synthetic molecules but a driving force in all our perfumes, giving each fragrance its depth and beauty.

As a perfumer, my goal is to create exquisite perfumes with the best materials. Each perfume is composed, aged, and bottled by me in my studio in Spain.